Who we are?
Hexwield Technologies

Hexwield Technologies is a team of professionals promoting technology for patient and clinic management for the doctors. It is focused on ensuring that the doctors have more time on their hands to look at patients by providing technology and help solving primary and secondary healthcare services in Remote Urban Locations and Rural areas where access to quality and qualified doctors is a challenge. Hexwield Technologies provides telemedicine support Through Medflix Digital Healthcare platform which helps the doctors to consult with their patients remotely from their clinics, from their residence or whilst on the move. We are a 3 year young start up company incubated at College of Engineering Pune’s Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

What we do?

We connect and enable Providers, Patient, Doctors, Diagnostic labs, Pharmacy, Innovator to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care.

Innovative Telemedicine model: Delivering telemedicine through unique, scalable and innovative POCT (Point of Care Technology) One Minute Health Box & One Minute Kiosk models.

Deliver affordable
  • Health care
  • Improve Efficiency,
  • quality of care
  • Improve Medical Research & Analysis
    Deliver better health care Experience

    Affiliated Medical Group

    Ashu Health Care

    ASHU Healthcare is an organization headed by Retinal surgeon Dr. Shanawaz Kazi teamed with Clinical Biochemist Dr. N.V. Pai. Our mission is Vision for Blind in Diabetic Retinopathy patients. Early diagnosis can be useful in preventing damage to retina can help vision of millions of diabetic people.Telemedicine services extended through Digital clinic managed software controlled kiosk can connect Rural and Urban clinics. Moreover, holistic nutrition used for regulating diabetes can help in regeneration of retina and other tissues can help to save vision .

    Dr. Shehnawaz Kazi
    M.B.B.S, D.O.M.S, D.O,
    Ashu Health care

    Dr. (12) (12)

    I am finding digital technology very exciting as my geographical imprint is across the country. Cases which could have resulted in serious damage or loss of eye have been taken care of though they were 800 km away.

    Dr. Narsimha Pai
    D.H.M.S. M.Sc. D.M.L.T.
    Ashu Health care

    Dr. (12) (12)

    Digital Clinic is best solution in present day of Corona pandemic in providing consultation services of various specialists from urban area to economically backward population affected by diabetes and other disorders at affordable costs.