An EHR or electronic health record are digital records of health information. data imported from personal wellness devices.

Medical tests that doctors use to check for diseases and health conditions before there are any signs or symptoms. Screenings help find problems early on, when they may be easier to treat.


Teleconsultation is one of the applications of telemedicine. Teleconsultations use IT to facilitate communications between a patient and a doctor who are otherwise geographically separated. National Teleconsultation Service of Govt. of India enables teleconsultations over the Internet.

Patient Management

The In-patient solution integrates all the processes for In-Patient care from Admission to Follow up to Discharge. ... The system has a provision to admit patients directly from out-patient or the emergency department of a hospital, with all the accompanying admission orders flowing in along with the patient's EHR.

Hospital Management System

The hospital management system (HMS) is software that is designed to handle all the activities of clinic workflow like medical, financial, legal, administrative, healthcare performance. It also converts all paper works into digital form.

Data Analysis

Collecting Healthcare Data Including Clinical, Financial, Research, Population Health, and get interactive dashboard for organisation management who will need to tap into its insights. It will help to align the organisation to value-based goals.

Diagnostic lab support

Connecting Diagnostic lab in periphery.automated process for sample collection and report generation and storage.

Digital Prescription

Digital Prescription from Doctors

API Integration

Custom API for Integration in existing HMIS,MIS,GIS systems.

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